Death Likes Sugar.

Day 30

{Drawing and Poem by me. All rights reserved (c)AMJ2014}

Death Likes Sugar

Death is calling

I feel his boney fingers whisper up my spine.


A surprisingly gentle rapping upon my door



I greet the usher of repose

with a nervous smile and clumsy curtsy.


My friends, the words, ran in terror

as I found only air escaping my mouth.

I gestured for Him to enter

He glided in with grace and ease.


Far too large for my humble sitting chair,

Death found comfort upon my sofa.

I could hardly believe my eyes,

there sat the large shadowy figure all dressed in black

happily sitting next to my cat!


Perched upon my sitting chair,

I found my friends, the words again.

Asking with a voice quite shaky if he would like some tea.


Still not saying a world,

Death just nodded in return.


Not sure if the bringer of the end likes sugar or cream,

I brought him a full tea service.


Setting it all down before Him,

I then found my perch again.


In this moment I learned something new.

Death takes lots of sugar in his tea!


I watched in awe as invisible hands grabbed

1…2…3…4…5 sugar cubes and placed them inside the cup.

The liquid magically whirling as they mixed it about.


Unable to take the silence any longer,

my friends, the worlds asked why he was here.


To my surprise, the Darkly cloaked figure spoke

with a voice so calm and kind.


“I have been asked to serve as a wake up call.

A reminder of life.” He said


“Of LIFE?!” I asked.

Finding confusion dancing with Death’s answer.


“Yes, of LIFE.” He said

with a laugh in his voice.


“What have you done with your time you have?

You live in a constant state of fear.

Life…precious, beautiful Life is passing you by! 

Where has the time gone? It has been horded..

monopolized by guilt and fear! 

When will you let fun and joy live?

When will you no longer live inside of fear?

It is time! Now is the time.

In my profession you learn many things.

But the one inescapable fact is that everyone dies. 

And many die without really living!

For living inside of fear is really not living!”


With that last thought,

Death rose and said,

“Now is the time.”


As he reached out his hand

and gave me a beautiful pocket watch.


As I took it he nodded and left my house.


Standing in an odd mixture of shock and excitement,

I looked to Death’s tea and found it bone dry.


 Remembering the gift still in my hand

I opened it to see the golden time piece. 


Opening the cover, I found an engraving which said,

“Now is the time”



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One response to “Death Likes Sugar.

  1. WitchMerle

    Completely beautiful. I felt as though I was in the room with you and Death and receiving this very important message. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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