Oscar Wilde and Poe


Oscar Wilde Cape

Did you know???

Oscar Wilde didn’t just have fantastic taste in clothing, he also had fantastic taste in literature! He was a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe. He called him, “the marvelous lord of rhythmic expression.” And considered Poe to be above noted talents like Walt Whitman, Emerson, and Longfellow. It is believed that Wilde found a kindred in Poe, as a person of letters who was on the fringe of popular society. Basically a writer who was ahead of his time. There is evidence of Wilde’s appreciation of Poe’s Gothic sense in a lot of his writings, but the one that stands out most is “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. There is evidence of Poe’s works, “Metzengerstein,” “The Assignation,” “The Oval Portrait,” “Imp of the Perverse,” “The Black Cat,” and -of course- “William Wilson” within it’s text.
Many of Wilde’s friends loved Poe as well. When Oscar Wilde went to America on a lecture tour, he wished he could meet Poe, but he had died long before Wilde’s birth. He met Walt Whitman instead. It is neat to think about Oscar Wilde dreaming of meeting Edgar Allan Poe. It’s always nice to recognize a fellow fan of Poe. 🙂


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