Edgar Allan Poe Statue Unveiling in Boston


Poe’s Return

Have you ever experienced an excited hush within a crowd? Well, this was the vibe of the Poe statue unveiling on October 5th, 2014. The event was warm, charming, and quite poignant. Enthusiasts of the brilliant Writer, Edgar Allan Poe, couldn’t have asked for a better day for such an event. The weather was sunny and cool, and not a cloud in the sky to threaten us with dampened clothing. I took a brief tour around the gathering crowd shortly before the event began. The chatter about the group was jovial and expectant. A few passer-byers inquired about the massive group of people, and when told that it was for Mr. Poe, they said they loved him and decided to join the crowd. I was positioned far back from the statue and had to stand on a chair to see everything. This odd vantage point helped me grasp the immensity of the gathering, which warmed my heart deeply. The brief speeches before Mr. Poe was reviled were equally as moving. His poem, Fairy-land was read. (a personal favorite of mine) And a speech writer for Boston’s Mayor Wash spoke about Mr. Poe and his wishing to get the Mayor to quote, or talk about Poe in his next speech. Every word spoken was chosen with love and care. One got the sense that the creators of this event were true Poe fans. They joked about his fervent dislike for his town of birth, yet were never bitter or angry about it. They welcomed him home with open arms and hearts. Which was quite lovely. When the tarp was removed from the statue, the crowd burst into cheers and applause. Onlookers lifted their cameras and phones in an effort to document the event. As soon as the applause ended, an excited quiet fell over the group. A hush that was overflowing with awe and appreciation covered us all like a comforting blanket. You could see people putting down their recording devices for a second to fully take in the statue and the moment. The hours that followed the lowering of the red-rope barrier, which kept us all from the statue, were filled with fans taking selfies and portraits with the beautiful piece of art. People were enchanted by the statue and the chatter about the group reflected that sense.

The spot where this beautiful, and bold, monument calls home has been renamed “Poe Square”. I have never been to this part of town before, and was struck by how perfect a choice this very spot was. Not only is this space historically important to Mr. Poe (it is near his place of birth and his parent’s home) but it is also a highly traversed spot. There were bus-loads of people dropped off repeatedly during the few hours that we remained there. It thrills me to no end when people learn about this brilliant man, and this eye-catching piece will usher in legions of new Poe fans for generations to come!


{I chose both of these images that I took to show those who could not attend this event just how many people were there}


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