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Friday November 27th

[Black Friday]


The world is hustling and bustling outside

I wish to stay away

Money is being spent and people are fighting

Every second someone is hurt

I don’t understand the holidays

What have they become?

They all stand for things I am totally against

At least in this incarnation

Consumerism scares and confuses me

It saddens me how many think they are better for their purchases

How nasty that we only see love any more in dollar signs

“If Daddy, Mommy, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend love me, they would buy it”

What treasures we hold within our own hearts and minds

We can give so much without spending a dime!

Each Woman, Child, and Man has their own important gifts they can give

Yet we rarely share them because we are too caught up in the Black Friday culture we live in

Children are taught their worth through dollars and cents

But we are rich beyond such things

How very sad that humanity has been stunted by trade and commerce

We could do so much more, but are stuck worrying about the haves and the have-nots





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Wednesday November 25th


I long for depth

I wish to explore in

The deepest caves of thought

In a world of

Internet Scholars

I wish to graduate to Reality

I crave that which

Is widely unknown

To live off of knowledge

I cannot survive

On Cliff’s Notes alone

Anecdotes will be the death of me

In the Kingdom

Of the Drones

I will live off the Marrow of Thought



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Monday November 23rd




Each day is a new expanse

I creep into obscurity

Through a fragile Snail’s shell

Living Singularly

Is as bittersweet as a

Cemetery laden with fog & chatting Ravens

I float freely from moment to moment

Yet I hope for a tether

For a Heart to call home

Expanding, growing, changing

I dance in the Mountain Rain

Charmed by the crisp, clean, air

I am the Raven in the Necropolis

I am the flaky Snail’s shell

I am the safest Heart

I am the Mountain Rain

I am nothing, I am everything

I open and close

I await.



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