The Dog That Barks, Barks For You

Wednesday December 9th

            I was just musing about the dog next door. You see, it barks day and night. The owners rarely keep it quiet and it seems to bark at the most inopportune times –like first thing in the morning. I was pondering how I can approach its violent, shrill, voice with Love, instead of going to its level of insanity. I thought on its purpose for me. I realized that in my own Omnipotent fantasies, I assumed that the dog only barks when I am home. –As if I can tell when I am not here. So I wondered then why it barks when I am here. I thought, “Maybe it barks to keep me present.” For, much like its 6 -7 -8am sound off, I find myself wide “awake” when it happens throughout the day. –This thought brought me into the warm embrace of Love. For how can I ever thank the one who causes me to see when I am blind? –Who takes away the numbness and helps me feel?




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