Monday November 23rd




Each day is a new expanse

I creep into obscurity

Through a fragile Snail’s shell

Living Singularly

Is as bittersweet as a

Cemetery laden with fog & chatting Ravens

I float freely from moment to moment

Yet I hope for a tether

For a Heart to call home

Expanding, growing, changing

I dance in the Mountain Rain

Charmed by the crisp, clean, air

I am the Raven in the Necropolis

I am the flaky Snail’s shell

I am the safest Heart

I am the Mountain Rain

I am nothing, I am everything

I open and close

I await.




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C.asual M.anipulations

C.asual M.anipulations

With growth comes pain
We step forward, legs quivering, hearts racing
But we march on

The fire hurts
Yet we don’t look back
We carry on

When the worst comes from our truths
We learn to speak without shame
The worst is only as bad as we allow

Loss of relations is nothing new
The vine grows upward
When the offshoots are trimmed back

Freedom exists if we hold it
We cannot find it in another
Our lives are defined by this

Alysia Markoe (c)

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Not a cry

When my life ceases

And releases this mortal cocoon

Fear not

Weep not

I will be one with the things I love

All manner of Morose & Morbid

Dancing in the dark with the great unknown

Frolicking with the bizarre

Weep not for me

Smile and know I will be filled with glee

-AMJ (c)2015

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{My personal inner ramblings}

                 It shatters my heart to think that a people who are as much a part of our nation as the Fathers who founded us are so painfully alienated. That they are so angered that they must act out with such hate. Think about how much pain they’ve endured to react in such an angry volume and intensity. And it saddens me deeply that I questioned their motives. How terrible that I have become such a product of my society. . . .

>Love and understanding are the only way.<

                  I can only take a walk within the sanctity of my own heart to unlearn my knee-jerk reaction. I am so sorry for the hurt that these souls have endured. May they never have to live in this pain another day of their lives. And may our country open up their hearts to take an honest look within. And may these sobering truths create a new reality where this kind of pain is removed completely!

~Alysia Markoe


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Love for Baltimore


I have no answers, only love.
My heart is yours Baltimore.

May social change come from this pain.
May people wake up and may a new day breathe harmony and peace.
May this never happen again.

We are our most lethal predators.
I pray for peaceful unity to change that.

~Alysia Markoe


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The Anxious Spirit


Chaos rises and falls

Beating upon my spirit

Like the ocean on the shore

I give it no attention

Yet it consumes me

It holds my heart hostage

It threatens my sanity

It steals my patience

~Alysia Markoe


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Faintly he smiles

Awakened, yet asleep

Regal in his grace






By luck I met him

Overture of mortality

Bemoaned yet stoic

Thankful for your


Awakening my own

Nurturing spirit

Keeping brave

Youth is lost to the young

Old just begins anew

Underneath the stars we all are alive

~Alysia Markoe


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