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My Dance with Forever

Monday December 14th

My Dance with Forever

Yesterday I took time out to stand upon my Mountain

I went beyond my typical haunts and found a little niche just for me

It was a beautiful spot that overlooked the whole valley

The air was crisp and beautiful and the birds sang to me

I photographed the immense surrounding mountains

Snow capped a few and life, the others

Clouds shrouded the peaks

Their whispy hands lingered on the trees and the precipice

A mischievous Blue Jay dodged my photos like invading shots

The glorious site my eyes drank in melted my icy hands

I could not feel the cold because I was wrapped in the warming love of my Mother, the Earth

She regulated my breath helped me feel alive and brought me to myself

Though the landscape was the chief beauty, the Clouds put on a glorious show

They began by changing the Sun

At first making him blush by their attention, then glow with radiant love

They slowly traveled to the glorious tops and whispered sweetly to them

Their majestic dance was ethereal and profound

As they left the cliffs, they swirled and danced, like the Dervishes of old

The whole of this experience took place in the span of thirty minutes’ time

The remembered glory of that moment will give it life eternal

And how very lucky I was to witness this glory of glories!

Perhaps I shall dance to the song of forever for witnessing them





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The Dog That Barks, Barks For You

Wednesday December 9th

            I was just musing about the dog next door. You see, it barks day and night. The owners rarely keep it quiet and it seems to bark at the most inopportune times –like first thing in the morning. I was pondering how I can approach its violent, shrill, voice with Love, instead of going to its level of insanity. I thought on its purpose for me. I realized that in my own Omnipotent fantasies, I assumed that the dog only barks when I am home. –As if I can tell when I am not here. So I wondered then why it barks when I am here. I thought, “Maybe it barks to keep me present.” For, much like its 6 -7 -8am sound off, I find myself wide “awake” when it happens throughout the day. –This thought brought me into the warm embrace of Love. For how can I ever thank the one who causes me to see when I am blind? –Who takes away the numbness and helps me feel?



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Mountains of Love

November 29th

The vast expanse of the mountain fills me

Its beauty justifies me

Here, I am whole


When embosomed in Its heart

I am fully alive

I feel, I see, I know all


Set me inside of the earth, anytime

And I am free

I am home

I am happy



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